• Upon entering the Activity Plex, masks must be worn in its common areas/hallways/washrooms 

  • For right now, there are will be no parents allowed into the studio to view - we are looking into tv screens but they will not be up for September

  • DANCERS UNDER 5: We will allow you to bring your dancer into the class but must leave afterwards (please wear a mask while bringing them in) Again, dancers do not have to wear a mask but they may if you/they wish 

  • We have hand sanitizing stations set up throughout the studio - our staff will give the sanitizer to the dancers as they enter our building

  • The change room is closed - please limit what dancers bring into the studio as they will have their own spot in the classroom to leave their water and belongings. 

  • Our studios have been taped, each dancer will have their own square to dance in to ensure social distancing and safety while in class 

  • Classes will be let out a few minutes before end-time to allow for proper sanitation, please be waiting in the hallway of our entrance and an assistant or teacher will walk the children to you and will pick up the next class

  • We will be regularly cleaning and sanitizing our door handles, floors and surfaces 


As a reminder, masks are not mandatory when participating in physical activity. They are only mandatory when entering the building. However, we encourage you/your dancer to wear one if you wish. 


We ask that you

  • Complete our self screening form before entering the building (please be aware of your symptoms - cold, cough, temperature, etc.)

  • Practice social distancing when in the building

  • Remind your dancer(s) of proper hand washing protocols 

  • Remind your dancer(s) of the importance of social distancing and that they will have their own designated square in the classroom 


We are taking all of this very seriously as we want to ensure the safety of all of our dancers, parents and staff at Broadway Lights.